Unfinished Business

Cinema Concrete

18 jun

Cinema Concrete is a film program that brings together film and music, relating to improvisation. The evening includes a screening of artist Johanna Billing’s latest film “Pulheim Jam Session” as well as a release for the film’s soundtrack on vinyl, a performance by the Japanese artists and filmmakers duo Takashi Makino & Rei Hayama titled “Space Noise Calling”, a screening of Takashi Makino’s film “Cinema Concrete”, and a performance by musician Maria w Horn. DJ during the evening is Jin Mustafa.


5 pm–9 pm Johanna Billing, Screening, loop
9.15 pm Takashi Makino, Screening, 23 min
10 pm Takashi Makino & Rei Hayama, Performance, 30 min
11 pm Maria w Horn, Performance, 30 min
11.30 pm DJ Jin Mustafa


Cinema Concrete is the final exhibition/event in a series of three presented by Unfinished Business, originating from collaboration and experimenting with forms of improvisation. Unfinished Business is initiated by Roger von Reybekiel and Jun-Hi Wennergren Nordling and acts as an evolving production module for contemporary art. Cinema Concrete is co-produced in collaboration with Film i Samtidskonsten and Fylkingen.

Johanna Billing makes videos that weave music, movement and rhythm – placing subtle emphasis on the individual within representations of changing societies. Her existentially charged looped video installations, presenting us with people in staged, choreographed situations, dwell on routines, rehearsals and rituals. A specific performative activity is often used as a vehicle for articulating certain struggles – personal, social and political. Connecting the modes of performance with a precise and minimal cinematic language language, Billing in parts directs the participants and in parts puts in place a series of improvisations around the notion of performance and the possibility it holds to explore issues of the public and the private. The protagonists in Billing’s videos all play themselves but take part in staged situations that oscillate between documentary and fiction, as a multi-layered interpretation of a place. Billing’s films often involve music, which in her hands becomes a medium of exchange, memory and reconstruction. From 1998 until 2010 she ran the Make it Happen record label, publishing music and arranging live performances. Billing lives and works in Stockholm.

Takashi Makino is an artist and filmmaker whose films make full use of the various techniques and methods harnessed from the twin media of film and video, treating both the image and its accompanying music as elements of equal importance. Makino have previously collaborated with musicians as Jim O’Rourke and Floris Vanhoof to name a few. He studied Cinematography at the Nihon University College of Art in Japan and music and lighting design at the atelier of the Brothers Quay in London. Makino currently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.

Rei Hayama is an artist and filmmaker whose work is concerned with themes regarding humanity vis-à-vis nature. Through both analogue and digital techniques and methods, she explores materiality, spatiality and texture of moving images and sounds. Hayama is alongside with Takashi Makino the founding member of the Japanese film collective [+]. She studied at Moving Images and Performing Arts at Tama Art University in Tokyo, and currently lives and works in Kanagawa, Japan.

Maria w Horn is interested in manipulation of time and space through sonic extremes, spatiality, rituals and optical light experiments. Her music threads tensions of synthetic doom, engrossed in swathes of synths and gradual harmonic progressions, generative patterns and rhythmical formations. Horn’s audiovisual performances often transcends towards expanded cinema and installation. After completing her studies in electroacoustic composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and Universität der Kunst in Berlin she is currently based in Stockholm. She is an integral part of the experimental music scene in Sweden through her involvement in Fylkingen, cassette label XKatedral as well as Sthlm Drone Society – an association working to promote slow and gradually evolving timbral music.

Jin Mustafa is an artist, musician and DJ with an interest in industrial and experimental sounds, her techno based DJ-sets encompasses an equal amount of melody and industry. Mustafa is also active as an event organizer, as part of feminist platform Grupp 13, the club project Arcade Overseas, and the former collective Samlingen. Furthermore she is a member of the techno duo Karabasan Drane. Mustafa is currently enrolled at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.

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